The Countdown Begins


Last I wrote I shared a lot of life happenings. Today is no different.

We’re six weeks until the wedding (but who’s counting??).

I had a dress fitting last. As is typical, not just for the wedding, dresses need to be altered for me. I’m short-waisted, small on top, larger on the bottom, so the dress is being let out and taken in. I joked with the seamstress, or dress surgeon as she’s been called, that I’d like to lose 35 pounds in 6 weeks or get liposuction. Of course, that’s not realistic, nor was I really serious, at least about the lipo.

So then, I saw a health coach friend of mine who made of few suggestions about how I could probably lose 15 pounds in those 7 weeks. Most of the tweaks I knew to do, it’s just in the doing it that I have a problem. But the most beneficial thing she said was about finding the trigger that’s going to keep up the motivation. It’s not about the weight loss. It’s not even about getting into the dress. It’s about the pictures that we’ll be looking at for years to come and how I want to look at them and be able to say that I FELT my very best on the best day ever. The man will think I look beautiful regardless. But, will I?

It’s been a stressful and wonderful winter, losing my job at Sur La Table and meeting him. I always gain a few pounds in the winter, as most people do, but this one I put on a few too many and I’m not happy. Jeans are tight. Even the big ones (you know, THOSE jeans). I’m not one to advise people to lose weight for an event, because after the event is over most people will put all that weight back on. If weight loss is your goal then do it because you want to FEEL good in your own skin, because you need to get healthy, because you want your clothes to fit better. But not for an event. Even though the event may be the catalyst.

So come along with me on this journey for the next 6 weeks. I’ll share what I’m tweaking and changing and I’ll share how the wedding planning is going and how things are falling into place-you know, as the wedding planner plans her own wedding.

Here’s how it is now: just our immediate families, in our home. Ceremony in the backyard, sit down luncheon inside – no, we’re not cooking. I have booked the photographer, the florist, the rabbi and the caterer. We have the rings. Up next: revising the menu, and getting the ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract.

This Week’s Tweaks:

• Less caffeine – messes with the sleeping!
• Subbing my almond milk creamer for just almond milk – too much sugar!
• Committing to the gym and yoga 3 times this week. Typically my goal is 4-5 days of exercise, but with all the inconsistencies in my schedule and all the back and forth between my house and his house, it’s been throwing my workouts awry.
• Having my water bottle glued to my hand or in my bag at all times. I’m usually good but there are days I’ve been slacking and it’s SUCH an easy fix.
• Adding in green tea – I’m drinking it decaffeinated iced with some lemon slices – YUMMMM!

What are your health goals and what are you doing to achieve them? Let’s share!

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Progress, Not Perfection


Here we are, the end of the first month of a brand-new year. For many of us it’s resolution time. For many of us, it’s reflection time. For some of us, it’s goal setting time. I’ve never been one of the resolution setting people. I’ve been more in the wishful thinking group. This year, though, I find myself with a few goals.

The first year or two post-divorce was really about getting through the day, finding my footing, remembering who I was and making sure my children were okay. Then there was a year or so where it was about starting a real business and setting that up. Now, at year five (or almost) post-divorce, I find myself wanting to find that solid path to walk upon. I know what I want, and I think I know how to make that happen. It’s no longer about clearing out, it’s about forging ahead, full steam. As Glennon Doyle writes, “First the pain. Then the waiting. Then the rising.” That’s where I am, at the rising.

This is also the year of a milestone birthday. Turning 50 doesn’t scare me, I’m actually excited for it and I think it’s because I’m in a good place. I have childhood friends who are checking things off their bucket lists, as our 50th year begins to unfold. Some are taking super exciting trips, others are beginning new chapters of their lives, whether it’s a new house or a new career. For me, this year about saying yes. Yes, to experiences. Yes, to opportunities. Yes, to life. Yes, to rising.

If I share my goals here with you, then it makes me accountable to you to reach them. So here they are:

• Get published. Someone once told me I have enough recipes and stories to write my book. While that may be true and I may look back at the end of this year and find that the book is complete, I’m starting with trying to get an article or two published first.
• To be in a more secure place financially. This has already started to be put into practice – more classes at Sur La Table ( . More wedding planning business. More private cooking classes and coaching programs (
• To travel somewhere, anywhere. I am getting that wanderlust feeling…. And then an invitation arrives to a childhood friend’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, across the country, and an open invitation to go with friends to Yosemite National Park. Which to choose??
• To be consistent in my workouts and meditations. So far, workouts yes. Meditations daily? No.
• To have some fun! Saying yes more often than no. Having an abundance mindset. Doing things, whatever it is, that make me feel good and happy.
• Saying no to people and things that don’t feel good.
• Embracing my “Flawsome-ness”- being flawed, but awesome anyway! (No, I didn’t come up with that one).

Now, dear friends, it’s your turn. Email me at and tell me what your goals are for 2018 and how you’re going to achieve them. Whether it’s to learn how to make a chocolate soufflé, better organize your kitchen, throw yourself a 50th or an 80th birthday party, or to lose 25 pounds. Let me know what they are and more importantly, how I can help. And let’s all remember this: it’s not about spending the year in perfect achievement of our goals, it’s about making progress towards them, each and every day. Start small, finish big! Start by cutting out soda and sugar in all its forms.

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